Acoustic wood panelled guitar by a cadillac and cowboy boots

A Country Classic

George Jones is one of the most famous and successful country music stars in history, and the George Jones Museum celebrates his life and legacy with interactive displays and immersive exhibits. The museum features a variety of George’s famous one of a kind suits, plenty of show used guitars and the stories that accompany them, George’s tractor that has its own fun history, a hall of awards that is truly awesome, and even a sample music studio where you can belt out a few notes in your best George Jones voice. Whether you are a George Jones fan, a country music fan, or just a music fan in general, the George Jones Museum is a great place to spend an afternoon learning all about the history of country music and one of its greatest practitioners. Do not forget to stop by the Rooftop bar for a specialty drink, try the Sinner and Saint, before making your way back to the Alexis Inn & Suites.

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